Amazing Dancing Group ‘The Company’ is Truly in Sync

“The Company’’
“The Company’’ –Youtube screenshot

So, you think you can dance?

No, that’s not a reference to the popular televised dance contest.

It is, however, an honest question that anybody who fancies him or herself as a dancer must seriously ask after watching this video of amazing, perfectly synchronized dancers.

Feeding off the energized reaction from the crowd, a group of dozens of dancers — called “The Company’’ — clad in matching blue blazers, red ties, and khakis, performed a flawless routine that pulled off an incredible feat by evoking images of Michael Jackson.

Running through a medley of popular rap, R&B, and, of course, dance tracks, “The Company’’ had plenty of highlights during their nearly six-minute performance at the Vibe XIX 2014dance competition.


The incredible part of the story? “The Company’’ was named a runner-up in the competition, placing second to a squad named “Academy of Villains.’’ It’s hard to imagine a better performance than this one. Take a look and judge for yourself.

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