Seven-thousand people partied all night at the MFA

Patrons at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Patrons at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. –Courtesy of the MFA

Thousands of people reveled in Saturday night’s festivities at the Museum of Fine Arts: food trucks, dancing, live graffiti, singing, and creating art were all on the schedule.

Lines for the MFA’s first overnight party snaked from the Linde Family Wing entrance past the museum’s front doors. Attendees waited up to two hours to access the free event, said Karen Frascona, the museum’s public relations director.

Attendees watched MerkThose create live graffiti on the Linde Family Wing grounds and parking lot while they waited to get inside.

Inside, one of the evening’s most popular activities was Collage Confessions, where people created collages from cut-up bits of paper.

Frances Stark, one of the night’s featured artists, posted a video of the event, which was inspired by her work.

People danced to the music of several DJs from the Substructure collective.

Spaces such as the Bravo restaurant were transformed into makeshift dance floors, allowing those in attendance to show off their best moves.


By 3 a.m., people started to do their own thing.

The Insomniac Olympics were followed by an ad-hoc rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, performed in unison by a group of attendees.

Others chose to relax on blow-up floor cushions in the Calderwood Courtyard.

Overall, about 7,000 people attended the event.

In case you missed it, the MFA’s next Overnight parties are October 14 to 15, November 4 to 5, and December 9 to 10.


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