A ‘Downton Abbey’ exhibition is coming to Boston

"This is a way you can touch and feel the show."

A recreation of the Crawley's dining room for "Downton Abbey: The Exhibition." –NBC Universal International

If you’ve ever longed to experience the splendor of “Downton Abbey” firsthand, you can do so in Boston beginning Saturday.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition” will bring recreations of the British historical period drama’s elaborate sets and more than 50 of the show’s iconic costumes to the Castle at Park Plaza from June 15 to Sept. 29.

“We’re thrilled it’s coming to Boston because, in many ways, we feel like this is a sort of spiritual home of Downton in the U.S.,” executive producer Gareth Neame said in a phone call.

The series, which wrapped up in the U.S. in early 2016 after six seasons, aired on “Masterpiece” on the Boston-based PBS station WGBH.


The show, which won 15 Emmys and three Golden Globes, followed the Crawley family in the early 20th century at their estate in the English countryside, called Downton Abbey, along with the servants who worked for them. Visitors to the exhibition will wander through complete recreations of many of the rooms from the show, Neame said. That’s right: They’ll enter the Crawley’s glamorous dining room, Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen, Carson’s office, the servants’ quarters, and more.

“This is a way you can touch and feel the show,” Neame said. “The fans walk around the installation, and they think, ‘We are here. This feels like we are in that world.'”

Visitors will also get an up-close look at what stars like Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, and Maggie Smith wore on the show: the wedding gowns, ball gowns, riding clothes, military uniforms, and more.

“The costumes are a real highlight,” Neame said. “Really, all the great and iconic scenes of the show are depicted in the costumes here.”

The costumes on display at “Downton Abbey: The Exhibition” in Boston. —NBC Universal International

The exhibition, which has already been shown in New York City and West Palm Beach, Fla., has been well received, Neame said.

“The setting, the era — it’s a very sort of quintessential British costume drama, which is a very beloved genre,” Neame said. “For American audiences, it’s exotic. It’s an exotic show. But at its heart, it’s about a family. We love to see the politics and the love and the hate within a family.”


Neame will travel to Boston this weekend to attend the exhibition’s launch.

“I think its a wonderful city,” Neame said. “I definitely prefer it in the early summer than in the winter.”

Tickets to “Downton Abbey: The Exhibition” are on sale at downtonexhibition.com.

If, after all of this, you still crave more upstairs-downstairs drama at the Crawley residence, “Downton Abbey” the movie is set for release on Sept. 20. Watch the trailer: