A Stoughton mom shares her nine-year-old’s path to a Broadway tour

Stella Cobb will play young Anna for Disney's 'Frozen the Musical.'

Stella Cobb, center front, at the Conservatory School for the Performing Arts in Stoughton.
Stella Cobb, center front, at the Conservatory School for the Performing Arts in Stoughton. –The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts

Sometimes it takes a village.

Nine-year-old Stoughton resident, Stella Cobb is currently hard at work in New York City, rehearsing for her role as young Anna in Disney Theatrical Productions’ upcoming “Frozen the Musical,” which begins a six month North American tour on Nov. 10 (Boston dates have yet to be announced).

Stella began training at Stoughton’s Conservatory School for the Performing Arts in 2017, at age seven, but she had already shown an aptitude for acting in preschool.

Stella’s mother, Lucy Cobb, spoke with Boston.com from New York while her daughter rehearsed, and explained that in addition to the support of her family, Stella had benefited from Stoughton’s nurturing arts environment, too.


When did you know Stella wanted to be a performer?

We saw it happen when Stella was in preschool. Her teacher would do an end of year play each year and Stella had the part of “Alice in Wonderland.” We were amazed watching her; she was just so at ease with it all. We thought ‘wow, she can really do this.’

Was it fortunate to have the conservatory on your doorstep?

We knew we had to look into voice and acting training and we were lucky enough to have this right in our hometown. We have the Little Theatre of Stoughton, too. We were so lucky to have these resources.

Was it helpful for Stella to be in familiar territory?

Absolutely. Being around kids her own age, and a lot of Stoughton kids, was very comfortable for her. She started doing more and seeing the same people, and they all support each other as a community. She had her first lines in “Robin Hood,” which was not a musical. She loved working with adults; she loved the direction the director gave her. She took criticism so positively and listened to what she was told. I thought, ‘I wish she did that at home with me!’


How is this working for your family?

We have split duties, I’m here with her and dad is at home with her brother. I work remotely. For us as a family, this whole professional world of actors isn’t something we’re used to. We had to go to New York City to audition and then we got the first call back and thought, ‘OK.’ Then we got the second call back and thought, ‘this is happening.’

Stella Cobb will play young Anna in Disney’s upcoming ‘Frozen the Musical’ North American tour. —The Conservatory School for the Performing Arts, Stoughton

What is Stella’s current routine?

We enrolled in the public schools online program so she can keep up with the Massachusetts curriculum and not fall behind. That was very important. Between that and the on-set tutor, she is not missing anything. It’s a very structured routine. Rehearsal is something she loves and never a bad thing.

How many times have you watched “Frozen” the film?

Oh, tons of times. We went to see “Frozen” on Broadway last night. Stella loved it and met the girl who plays young Anna. She watched the show critically and picked up on some details. She can’t wait to perform this on tour.

Have you reached the stage of never wanting to hear “Let It Go” ever again?

[Laughs] I’m not there yet, but once the tour gets going, maybe.

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