How a new Idle Hands beer will help disabled veterans

Idle Hands Check (Fund)raise.
Idle Hands Check (Fund)raise. –Idle Hands Craft Ales

This Sunday, Idle Hands Craft Ales in Malden will host a release party for Check (Fund)raise, a rich, chocolatey stout.

Idle Handles brewed the limited-edition beer in collaboration with the craft beer initiative Black Ale Project, which raises money and awareness on behalf of American war veterans, to support Disabled American Veterans (DAV), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting veterans and their families that has chapters in and around Boston.

To create the collaboration, Idle Hands founder Chris Tkach said he aged Check Raise stout, a previously released Idle Hands brew, on oak, adding orange peel to impart a citrus note to the dark, malty beer.


Idle Hands brewed just four kegs of Check (Fund)raise, and the beer will only be available at the Malden taproom. For each full pour, $1 will be donated to the Malden chapter of the Disabled American Veterans. For each half pour, $0.50 will be donated.

Each brewery that collaborates with Black Ale Project decides which veterans charity to support. Tkach wanted to have a direct impact on the community, so he chose the local chapter of DAV, which benefits Malden veterans.

Dave Pappas, founder of Black Ale Project, has released eight beers with partner breweries across the country—including Castle Island Brewing in Norwood—and has plans to release collaboration beers with 14 others.

“Beer enthusiasts are visiting breweries and buying pours of beer anyway, so we are not asking them to change their behavior, like write a check or donate online,” Pappas said via email. “Beer drinking is social by nature, and every glass of Project beer raises awareness and stimulates conversation around helping veterans.”

If you want to give Check (Fund)raise a try, take note: Tkach expects the beer to only last a few weeks.

Sunday, April 9 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.; 89 Commercial St., Malden;

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