Bent Water Brewing is releasing its GOAT beer in time for football season

Bent Water Brewing is trying out a new, lighter version of the beer this year.

Bent Water Brewing Company

Looks like you can drink a GOAT beer while watching the GOAT throw for a few touchdowns.

Bent Water Brewing Company, based in Lynn, is bringing back its GOAT beer in time for the upcoming football season. This year’s can features a goat wearing a helmet bearing No. 12 and six horns sprouting from its head — one more than last year.

Head brewer Adam Denny Golab said, coyly, that the design is based on “regional players.”

“Obviously, we wanted to throw our hat in the ring,” Golab said.

The brewery has been selling GOAT beer since 2017, when the “greatest quarterback of all time” debate was less decisive than it is today. Instead of the heavier bock lager style from the past two seasons, this year, the GOAT brew is a helles, a pale lager. It’s also dropping from 5.5 percent to 5 percent alcohol by volume.


Golab said his team wanted to create the kind of beer people want to drink during a football game, which he said is generally lighter than a bock.

“The majority of beer drinkers are drinking American light lagers,” he said. “Helles style is a really good ‘segue beer’ into craft varieties.”

He said the lighter beer will be a better fit for the beginning of football season when it’s still warm outside, and that the lower alcohol content is a better fit for the pacing of game-day drinking.

“You can have a few and not get too banged up,” he said.

Golab described the taste of the new brew as “balanced and clean.” It’s made with all German malt and hops, so he said it has a “honey sweetness” that isn’t over the top, and a “nice bitterness” in the back. It’s also “grassy,” he said, and “a little herbal on the nose.”

The brewery’s goal is to have the beer on shelves before the New England Patriots kick off the season on Sept. 8.