Here are the people and places that have to make good on their lost Stanley Cup wagers

Get ready to see more blue and yellow around Massachusetts.

Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara at the end of a 4-1 loss as the Blues win the Stanley Cup.

Bruins fans may have gone into the Stanley Cup Final decked out in black and yellow, but Wednesday night’s loss to the St. Louis Blues left them feeling more, well, blue. It was a disappointment for Bruins fans, but the loss may sting a bit more for these six local establishments and Boston supporters who have to deal with lost bets to their Missourian counterparts. Read on to see how the debt will be paid.

The “Today” Show’s Dylan Dreyer

In a lost bet with NBC St. Louis anchor Anne Allred, NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, formerly of WHDH in Boston,  donned a St. Louis Blues jersey and sang Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” on the “Today” show Thursday morning. The 1980s track is the post-victory song for the St. Louis Blues.


I’m not proud of it, but I made good on my bet with @AnneAllredNBC and sang Gloria in a Blues shirt,” Dreyer wrote on Twitter. “Debt paid.”

Harpoon Brewery

Boston will get a taste of St. Louis’s victory when, according to a press release, St. Louis craft brewer Schlafly Beer will send its Pale Ale to Harpoon’s Boston brewery. For one day during the first week of July, the Harpoon team will serve the St. Louis beer while wearing Blues gear.

Jack’s Abby

The Framingham brewer completed a wager with St. Louis’s 4 Hands Brewing Company by sharing a photo on Twitter of the Jack’s Abby team looking sullen with 4 Hands brews and St. Louis Blues posters in hand.


A few weeks ago, the St. Louis Metro bet the MBTA that the winning team’s transit system would take over the other’s Twitter page. However, recent train derailments in Boston have local Twitter users asking if St. Louis can “take over our whole transit system as well.”

Six Flags New England

June is a good time to be in Agawam if you’re a Missouri resident. As part of a wager between Six Flags New England and Six Flags St. Louis, the Massachusetts amusement park will let anyone with a Missouri I.D. into the park for free between June 17 and 23. But according to CBS Boston, the bet doesn’t nearly end there. Six Flags New England will also rename the Thunderbolt wooden rollercoaster “Thunder Blues” on Monday and even hoist a St. Louis Blues Flag at the top of the ride. The first 100 guests to enter the park will get to taste St. Louis gooey butter cake, and the Massachusetts park will send Boston Cream doughnuts, clam chowder, and baked beans to its St. Louis counterpart. To top it all off, a blues band will follow Six Flags New England president Pete Carmichael around for the entire day.

Zoo New England


Though they “may be singing the blues,” Zoo New England announced on Twitter that its team would embellish the black bear exhibit at Stoneham’s Stone Zoo in the St. Louis Blues team colors.

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