Julia Louis-Dreyfus puts Constitution flub behind her

Rolling Stone debuted a historically erroneous cover featuring a nude Julia Louis-Dreyfus yesterday – but could the flub have been intentional?

Louis-Dreyfus posed for the magazine while promoting her HBO comedy “Veep,’’ in which she is profane and powerless as the vice president of the United States. Referencing the new cover, she poked fun at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford:

Not long after the cover debuted, some noticed a certain historical error – John Hancock, whose signature is featured on Louis-Dreyfus’ lower back, signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

The actress blamed the mistake on her on-screen communications director Mike McLintock (played by Matt Walsh), calling it “another Mike f— up.’’ Rolling Stone told the Associated Press that the Declaration of Independence was actually printed on the other side of Louis-Dreyfus’ body, but they didn’t have space there for the signatures.


Louis-Dreyfus’ character on “Veep’’ has been described as bumbling and inept. In other words, her character is prone to gaffes like, say, including the wrong signature on a tattoo of a historic US document. Without getting too much into conspiracy theory territory, is it possible that Rolling Stone’s signature flub was promotional rather than accidental?

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