Bill Murray Visits Boston College Alum’s Bachelor Party, Gives Life Advice

Bill Murray has a habit of showing up in random places, making a lovable impression, and disappearing just as quickly, leaving behind a wake of happiness and soon-to-be viral videos.

Memorial Day weekend was one such occasion. According to a post on Deadspin, Murray was out to dinner in Charleston, South Carolina and, after repeated pestering by some Boston College alumni attending a bachelor party at the same restaurant, the actor made an appearance and gave a toast.

His remarks were brief, but this latest stop on the “Unofficial Bill Murray Good Vibes Tour’’ made a lasting impression. He shared his vision of world travels, true love, and bizarre but convenient wedding venues. Oh, and he also compared the groom to a dead person.


The party-goers understandably ate it up and filmed Murray’s advice so that they might watch it again on days where they are forced to ponder the big questions in life. Because that’s what Bill Murray is about: being there for you when you least expect it and leaving you with wisdom that will last a lifetime.

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