‘Jersey Shore’ Star Arrested at Family’s Tanning Salon in New Jersey

Jersey Shore member, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, was arrested after a physical altercation at Boca Tanning Salon on Tuesday. –JAMIE MCCARTHY/GETTY

Looks like Mike “The Situation’’ Sorrentino had to put a hold on his vitamin D intake yesterday.

According to Fox News, The Situation was arrested Tuesday after a fight at the Boca Salon in Middletown Township, which his family owns.

Boca Salon refused to comment on… the situation.

Sorrentino, ironically enough, is set to return to TV Guide Network’s show, “The Sorrentinos,’’ which features his family starting up a tanning salon.

Too bad the cameras missed this drama.

Detective Lt. Stephen Dollinger said the police received a 911 call at around 2:10 pm on Tuesday about a fight at the Salon. Officers arrived and arrested Sorrentino for simple assault where he was brought to headquarters.


CNN reported that Sorrentino said the fight happened because his brother “was not running the store correctly, so I had to go in there and clean house, in more ways than one.’’

He was later released for $500 bail, according to Detective Lt. Dollinger.

According to CNN, The Situation was released from drug rehab two years ago and said at the time he was a “changed man.’’

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