One Direction is Celebrating Its Fourth Year As a Band…And Twitter Loves It

It has been four years now since the British boy band, One Direction, started gracing us with their musical prowess, but the world has not forgotten. The current trending #4yearsOfOneDirection seems to be as big as ever. And for the haters, if you think One Direction is just a fad, look around at all the people in Boston who still freak out when you mention New Kids On The Block.

Here it is. Four wonderful years of One Direction as seen by the Twitter-sphere (please note that many of these people have One Direction- themed Twitter accounts making them true fans):


One Direction “rules the world’’ apparently.

Let’s hope One Direction never breaks this Twitter user’s little heart.

It was love at first sight here.

They are a boy band, of COURSE they are all best friends with never any drama.

It’s like this Twitter user actually knows them.

One Direction: All Grown Up will be the name of their next film.

Well, this is just pretty sweet.

And here is just a little list of One Direction’s biggest acomplishments.

Only time will tell what the next four years will bring. Thanks, One Direction, for everything.

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