BDC Now: Feminism Has a New Hero and Her Name is Hermione

Emma Watson has plenty of determination, celebrity status, and drive to make feminism a man’s responsibility too. Watson’s new campaign, the inevitable downfall of the penny, and much more, today on BDC Now.

Feminism: No Longer Just For Ladies

Emma Watson is determined to make groundbreaking change in the field of gender equality, and her first major project is to make feminism more man-friendly. Over the weekend, Watson spoke as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and launched the HeForShe campaign in order to end the connotation that feminism is “synonymous with man-hating’’ and start getting men more involved with the fight for gender equality. Watson said she wants men involved so that they “have permission to be vulnerable and human too—reclaim those parts of themselves they abandoned and in doing so be a more true and complete version of themselves.’’ That might seem like a steep hill to climb, but it’s an admirable goal. Also, we’re pretty sure that when Hermione Granger tells you to do something, you pretty much have to, so there’s that.


Poor Ray Lewis Keeps Taking Accidental Trips Down Memory Lane

The Ray Rice domestic abuse case and the subsequent fallout has been bad for a lot of people around the NFL, including Ray Lewis. The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker is now an on-air personality for ESPN and has discussed his former teammate’s domestic violence case numerous times. But as a former NFL star who had some legal issues of his own, Lewis’ discussions about Rice have gotten a bit… tricky. You see, in 2000, Lewis was implicated in an alleged double-homicide. But since he got a plea deal, an obstruction of justice charge, and just one year of probation, some people have forgotten about it by now. But when one former Baltimore Raven who was once accused of a violent crime is asked to talk about another former Baltimore Raven accused of a violent crime, things have a funny way of creeping back into the public view. Of course, the moment that comparison started coming up, Lewis was not having any of it, calling the two situations “night and day.’’ But yesterday, Lewis didn’t do himself any favors when he provided this nugget of insight regarding an alleged cover up surrounding the Rice fallout: “There’s some things you can cover up and then there’s some things you can’t.’’ Is that so? We have to say, we’re not really well-versed in the world of what can or cannot be covered up, but it sounds like you might be speaking from experience, Ray, so we’ll just take your word for it.


For The Love of God, Keep the Change

Pennies are the worst. Even the “lucky’’ ones that you find facing heads up on the sidewalk are terrible. And the worst part is they actually cost more than they’re worth. They literally cannot exist without creating debt. The latest figures show that pennies actually cost 1.6 cents to produce, reopening the door to the debate over a penniless world, and frankly, this seems like a no-brainer. In a summer full of hard decisions for the US government (see: ISIS, that whole Russia-Ukraine thing, and a still-struggling economy, to name a few), eliminating an annoyance for its citizens seems like, at the very least, a solid public relations move. But how do we phase out such a ubiquitous piece of our currency? The Wire went looking for strategies and found a surprisingly simple one in Canada: Just stop using pennies. Our neighbors to the north still use pennies in their pricing and billing, but rather than reaching into their pockets to dig out the annoying copper coins that are ruining their country, they decided it might just be easier to start rounding things. And guess what? It worked! It only took a couple months, too, before everyone pretty much just adopted it. So get on it, Congress. We’re all tired of seeing Lincoln’s face on two forms of currency, so let’s call it quits with the penny already. If we’re anything like Canada, we’ll be done with all this copper nonsense before 2015.


Firefighter Dies After ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accident

When something gains as much steam as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did, the natural tendency is to try and make your submission to the trend unique. Unfortunately, trying to stand out among a crowd of millions can prove both difficult and dangerous. One group of Ice Bucket Challengers in Kentucky learned that lesson earlier this summer when they had four firefighters in a cherry picker help douse them with water, only to see all four firefighters electrocuted by a nearby power line. Two suffered serious injuries and, over the weekend, one of those two firefighters died. Captain Tony Grider succumbed to his injuries after one month in the hospital, leaving behind a wife and children. The whole thing is tragic. It feels like such a senseless mistake and something that could have easily been avoided. Sadly, it wasn’t and all we can do now is be grateful that at least Grider was killed doing something he was passionate about: Doing his best to help others.

Forget Coffee, This High School Football Player is the Only Pick-Me-Up You Need

It’s a Monday. Fall officially arrives tonight. December (and the freezing cold that comes with it) is just 70 days away. No one would blame you for feeling blue. But Apollos Hester isn’t going to let that happen because he has enough spirit to get all of us through these tough times. Hester, a running back for East View High School in Georgetown, Texas, put that spirit on full display during a postgame interview with TWC News Austin that went well beyond the X’s and O’s. In less than two minutes, Hester goes from talking about his team’s come-from-behind 42-41 victory to looking through the camera’s lens, into our eyes, and saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to. Never give up on your dreams. Keep smiling, no matter what you’re going through.’’ That’s some next-level life coaching from a high school athlete. So thank you, Apollos. There may be a full work week ahead and summer may be finally coming to a close, but we’re feeling pretty good about tackling whatever challenges lie ahead. Bring it on.

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