BDC Now: The Pink Power Ranger Played Guitar on the Streets of Toronto

You might not know who Amy Jo Johnson is, but in the right costume, there’s no denying her celebrity. So it’s a good thing she was playing guitar in her Pink Power Ranger outfit over the weekend, ensuring we got video of the show. Watch it on today’s BDC Now, and read more about #CosbyMeme’s mishap, some seriously bad “Wheel of Fortune’’ guesses, a misunderstanding about how cats and mice interact, and strategies for building structurally sound pillow forts.

The Pink Power Ranger Plays Guitar. Who Knew?

Somehow, despite her ability to sing, write, act, produce, direct, and play instruments, Amy Jo Johnson is not a household name. Luckily for her, a character she played in 1995 is. It’s been nearly 20 years since Johnson was Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart, but that star power can still shine when needed. This year, Johnson needed it. She was trying to scrape together some funding for her debut as a feature film director and, back in October, decided to launch an IndieGoGo campaign. It was going along smoothly enough, but things really took off when Johnson accepted a challenge: If her campaign reached its fundraising goal early, she would play guitar in a public space while wearing a Pink Power Ranger outfit. Unsurprisingly, the Internet answered the call and gave Johnson nearly $30,000 more than the $75,000 she was asking for. She kept her promise and delivered an impromptu Power Ranger concert on the streets of Toronto.


#CosbyMeme Takes an Unexpected Turn

If the #MyNYPD debacle taught us anything it’s that social media campaigns should not be trusted to the hands of the general public. Bill Cosby had not yet learned that lesson, but he probably has now. Cosby’s website launched a #CosbyMeme campaign, directing people to and allowing them to type text over images of the famous comedian. Before long, that URL just started redirecting back to Cosby’s homepage. Why? Well, unfortunately for Cosby, some people out there decided #CosbyMeme was the perfect place to talk about how the comedian has been accused of rape or sexual assault 13 times. We’re assuming that wasn’t the intention here, but whoever runs Cosby’s social media should have seen this coming. Just a few weeks ago, comedian Hannibal Burress made headlines for his jokes about Cosby’s allegedly troubled past.

Wheel of Misfortune

Pat Sajak has hosted “Wheel of Fortune’’ for more than 30 years. He’s seen it all, from million-dollar winners to million-dollar mispronunciations. But in a video uploaded yesterday, it looks like some of the show’s lowlights might be taking their tollon him. Some contestants participating in “Best Friends Week,’’ filmed in beautiful Hawaii, didn’t have any clue where this puzzle was going. That didn’t stop them from guessing anyway. With just one letter on the board, Mitch and Lee threw out “riding a brown horse.’’ Any guess is better than no guess, but this one set the table for Sajak to lose his mind. Audrey and Trinette got the next guess and rolled with the whole riding a horse idea. “Riding a white horse?’’ Nope, and there goes our host, wandering off into the night in disgust. We get it, Pat. Watching people get hooked on a random idea for absolutely no reason is maddening. But settle down, alright? At least you’re filming in a tropical paradise.


Cat and Mouse Game?

We’ve never met YouTube user Aleksandar Aleksic, but we have learned one thing from his latest video: You do not want to be friends with his cat. You see, Aleksandar’s cat loves to make friends. He even loves to play with his friends and have his owner make cute videos about it. But shortly after playing games and turning them into YouTube gold, the cat’s friends have a nasty habit of disappearing. First it was the bird who disappeared a few days ago. Then it was the mouse who tried to play dead to escape — to no avail. Now there’s no telling who this cat will “befriend’’ next. Someone should warn Aleksandar to sleep with one eye open.

How to Build a Proper Pillow Fort

There’s something special about watching children build pillow forts. Their imagination and creativity operate at full speed as they turn household items into an impromptu shelter. It’s both an inspiring and amusing process. That’s why it’s so sad when they realize their fort is architectural garbage that can be knocked down by the family dog in a matter of moments. Thankfully, Ben Pell is here to help. He’s put together a guide to thinking like an architect when it comes to building a pillow fort, including everything from using ballast weights to sorting pillows according to purpose. That kind of stuff may sound boring to a 6-year-old, but that child will be thanking you when his fort isn’t destroyed by Hurricane Sparky.

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