Obviously not-from-Boston Bill Murray says Red Sox fans are ‘unbearable’

Oh, Bill.

To kick off his week of shows in Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel invited Bill Murray to emerge from his “Cubs-induced depression’’ Monday for a nice little visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Though Murray came dressed for the LOLs in a costume and stage makeup, when Kimmel asked the Chicago-born actor about the Red Sox, he was suddenly all business. He shared his real feelings about Boston fans.

“Do you feel like [Cubs fans] will lose something when [the Cubs win the World Series]?’’ Kimmel asked. “The Red Sox used to be special, and now they’re just another good team.’’

“I agree. Now, let’s talk about the Red Sox for a second, OK?’’ Murray said. He continued:

The Boston Red Sox used to be the most gracious losers. I was always impressed by how gracious they were in defeat. They really applauded the other team and how well they played. And then they won a couple World Series, and now they’re unbearable. They’re just unbearable fans. Something really changed with them. I don’t know, they’re just a little different. And it’s sort of natural. It’s like being famous. I hope the Cubs fans don’t do that.


This is the second time this year Murray has hated on the Sox: in April, he referred to them as “terrible winners.’’

Guess we have to root for the Mets now.

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