Gisele’s wicked expensive coffee table book sold out before its release

$700 price tag? NBD, apparently.

–Gisele photo by Nelson Almeida / Getty Images; Book via handout

Sorry, coffee table book lovers. Gisele’s “hotly anticipated,’’ limited collector’s edition coffee table book completely sold out the day before it hit shelves, according to The book, due to release today, went for $700 a pop.

“Gisele was shocked and so was the publisher,’’ a source told “Everybody thought, given the price point, that it would be a different scenario! They were getting ready to promote it for holiday.’’

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The book, which is appropriately titled Gisele Bündchen, celebrates the supermodel’s 20-year milestone as a fashion icon with 300 images laid out over 536 pages. According to the publisher’s website, the book was limited to a total of 1,000 copies signed by Bündchen herself, and all the proceeds are going to charity.


10 things you didn’t know about Gisele:

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