There’s an entire website devoted to Sad Ben Affleck, and it’s pretty funny

Turns out Sadfleck is upset about more than bad Batman v Superman reviews.

If the depressingly hilarious video of Ben Affleck looking sad about negative reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t enough Sadfleck for you, The Boston Globe suggests you check out Ben Affleck Looking Sad, a Tumblr that catalogues every glum moment in the Cambridge native’s life.

With more than 150 posts since the site’s start in August 2015, BALS is the definitive collection of unhappy Affleck.


Some of the situations are perfectly worth getting unhappy over, like Ben Affleck looking sad while Jennifer Lopez files her nails at Fenway instead of watching his beloved Red Sox…


…or Ben Affleck looking sad while pretending to be a journalist. (Too real, Ben.)



Other instances, like Ben Affleck looking sad while holding two baguettes and Ben Affleck looking sad at Disney World, are mystifying.


How can anyone be sad at Disney World?


Is it possible that Ben merely suffers from a case of Resting Belichick Face? The sheer volume of photos seems like compelling evidence.





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