9 hilarious Mark Wahlberg photos in honor of his 45th birthday

Good vibrations, all around.

FROM MERLIN ARCHIVE DO NOT RESEND TO LIBRARY MANSFIELD- Marky Mark Wahlberg during his set at Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts. 5/30/92. Photo by Paul Drake. Library Tag 06252000 Arts Etc. 05wahlberg Paul Drake

Happy birthday, Mark Wahlberg. You’ve reached another milestone, as you’ve existed for 45 years on this earth — 20 of them straight outta Dorchester and into Hollywood’s spotlight.

To honor this joyous day, let’s relive some of your glory days. Over the course of your career, you’ve given us Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, an HBO show based on your life, some pretty bizarre workout videos, Boogie Nights, and a talking Teddy bear.

In summary, you’ve given us plenty of content to work with. Here’s what we’ve resurrected.

1. That time Mark Wahlberg had hair like this

#TBT in Rockstar haircut at premiere of The Yards, May 2000. #longhairdontcare

Posted by Mark Wahlberg on Thursday, March 12, 2015

You can thank Rockstar (2001) for this look. Is this glorious, awful, or gloriously awful?

2. That time Mark Wahlberg posed with fake apes



As one does.

3. That time tot Mark Wahlberg was the grumpiest



4. That time Mark Wahlberg stared into the depths of your soul with a Hanson haircut


Oh, hello. Is this Mark or Zac?

5. That time Mark Wahlberg wore this hat standing next to Leo DiCaprio


They’re both victims of ‘90s, and Leo looks delighted about it.

6. That time Mark Wahlberg could not be more confused by the art of the selfie


Is Mark Wahlberg’s hand on that guy’s head? What?

7. That time Mark Wahlberg wore a crop top



8. That time boy-band version of Mark Wahlberg returned and wore this hat

Smile, it’s the weekend.

Posted by Mark Wahlberg on Friday, April 13, 2012

Here he is posing in a snug white sweater.

9. That time Mark Wahlberg participated in whatever is going on here

Throwback Thursday: outtakes from Ted?

Posted by Mark Wahlberg on Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caption this…


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