Gisele gets emotional talking about the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest

"It's a shocking thing."

Gisele Bundchen discusses her reaction to seeing the destruction of the Brazilian rainforest on the Today Show.
–Image via Today

Gisele Bundchen appeared on the Today show Tuesday morning to preview an upcoming episode of the National Geographic show Years of Living Dangerously. 

In the clip from the episode, which will air Wednesday at 10 p.m., Bundchen takes a helicopter ride above the Brazilian rainforest and witnesses how the rainforest is being destroyed to make room for cattle. The 36-year-old fashion model is clearly affected by what she sees.

“I’m a very emotional person,” Bundchen said on the Today show. “I’m very sensitive, and especially when it’s something you see so—it’s such a contrast.”

Bundchen, who was born in southern Brazil, said her reaction was derived not only from her existing environmental concerns, but also her background.


“As a child, I grew up thinking this rainforest is this magical place,” Bundchen told the Today show hosts. “Just untouched and it can never be destroyed. And then you grow up and you realize, wait a minute, it’s actually not indestructible. People are cutting it down to profit from its resources in so many different ways.”

Bundchen also spoke about her environmental concerns from her point-of-view as a mother.

“We don’t have another Earth. At the end of the day, we are all sharing the same air, the same water, the same natural resources,” she said. “And obviously I want my children to grow up—not only for my children but for the survival of the human species, quite frankly.”

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