How to win a double date with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

The Newton native and his actress wife are auctioning off a double date for charity.


Newton native John Krasinski and wife, Emily Blunt, star together onscreen for the first time ever in the forthcoming “A Quiet Place,” and you can go see the film with the couple if you win a charitable contest.

Krasinski (“The Office,” “Something Borrowed”) and Blunt (“Edge of Tomorrow,” “The Adjustment Bureau”) have teamed up with fundraising platform Omaze to offer a double date with themselves to see their new movie. The winner of the contest and a friend/date will be flown to New York City and put up in a four-star hotel. Following cocktails with Krasinski and Blunt, the contest winners will pose for photos with the duo on the red carpet, then catch a screening of “A Quiet Place.”


Krasinski and Blunt announced the contest with a humorous video, in which Krasinski jokingly reveals that the duo’s celebrity couple name is “Krunt” and that they have no friends.

Proceeds from the drawing will benefit the Malala Fund, run by Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel laureate ever. According to its website, the Malala Fund works to ensure that girls worldwide have access to 12 years of “free, safe, quality education.”

The last day to enter the contest is March 29, and the double date will take place on April 2. “A Quiet Place” hits theaters April 6.