‘GMA’ gave Chris Evans New York sports gear. He gave it back.

"That was like handing me a Patriots hat," said "GMA" host Michael Strahan. "It's just not happening."

Chris Evans appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday to promote his new movie “Avengers: Infinity War,” which hits theaters Friday.

In addition to making press appearances for the film, he’s currently making his Broadway debut in the play “Lobby Hero.” To help the Sudbury native feel at home while living in the Big Apple, “GMA” presented Evans with a New York City goody basket and a pizza.

“Now, wait a minute,” Evans said, as he removed gear from New York sports teams from the basket. “Sorry, sorry, sorry, I’m from Boston. I don’t want it.”

“Well, you are a Boston boy,” said “GMA” host and former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan. “That was like handing me a Patriots hat — it’s just not happening.”


“I don’t mind the Giants. The Giants I’m OK with,” Evans said to Strahan. “I respect what you guys have done. I mean, you broke my heart a couple of times, but I’m OK with it. It’s the Jets that I’ve got the real problem with.”


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