Mark Wahlberg is abs-olutely thrilled LeBron James signed with the Lakers

The star commemorated James signing with Los Angeles by posting a shirtless photo to Instagram.

Mark Wahlberg’s Instagram followers know that he doesn’t need an excuse to show off his physique. Still, the Dorchester native’s latest shirtless social media post is dedicated to an unexpected recipient: LeBron James.

On Monday night, Wahlberg posted an Instagram photo of himself standing on a desk sans shirt and congratulating James on his new contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Never fear, Boston sports fans — the Dorchester native is still a Celtics fan.

“Congrats @kingjames going to the Lakers,” Wahlberg wrote in the caption. “@celtics will now run the East for a LONG TIME.”

In 2016, Wahlberg revealed that he and James were talking about doing a movie together during an interview on “The Tonight Show.”


“These guys get to go to one of these fantasy camps,” Wahlberg said, presumably meaning a camp where characters learn basketball from James, not get tips on their fantasy sports team. “And me and LeBron have a situation.”

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