Gronk teases ‘Shark Week’ appearance, does a mean underwater Darth Vader impression

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. –Jonathan Wiggs / Globe Staff/File 2018

Some fish are friends, not food, for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

ESPN’s Sam Alipour joined No. 87 in the Bahamas, ahead of Gronkowski’s upcoming “Shark Week’’ episode, set to air Monday on the Discovery Channel, for a swim on Tiger Beach, an area known for its sizable and protected shark population.

Gronkowski told Alipour that he was looking forward to the adrenaline rush, as well as a chance for “petting and hanging out’’ with the sharks.

Before jumping in, Alipour confessed that he was scared and asked Gronkowski, a wrestling fan, if he could “suplex’’ the sharks. (A suplex is a move that involves lifting and slamming an opponent.) Gronkowski confirmed that he could probably pull off the move.


“I got this under control,’’ Gronkowski said. “These sharks are my friends.’’

After they view a number of sharks and Gronk did a scuba mask Darth Vader impression (“Sam, I am your father’’), the duo returned to the boat, where they were greeted by Gronkowski’s buddy, Robert “Bobby’’ Goons. Gronkowski confirmed the adrenaline rush to an excited Goons.

Gronkowski recently took to social media to document his experiences with tiger sharks, calling them “huge, strong, misunderstood, AND endangered’’ in an Instagram post. His “Shark Week’’ special, “Monster Tag,’’ is set to air on July 23 at 8 p.m.