Rob Gronkowski on ‘Shark Week’: ‘I’m part of science! Who would have ever thought?’

The Patriots tight end traded in linebackers for sharks.

Rob Gronkowski (left) in shark-infested waters.
Rob Gronkowski (left) in shark-infested waters. –via Discovery Channel

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski went head-to-tail with a tiger shark as part of the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” in an episode called “Monster Tag” that aired Monday night.

No. 87 teamed up with researchers whose mission was to catch and tag tiger sharks in order to place satellite trackers on their dorsal fins and follow their movements once they leave the sanctuary of the Bahamas.

“I’m part of science! Who would have ever thought?” Gronkowski joked to the camera.

Ever the entertainer, Gronkowski stripped down to reveal a bright blue speedo with “Shark Week” emblazoned across the rear.


Preparing to dive into shark-infested waters, Gronkowski said that this was the first time he had ever been scuba diving.

“I have done some pretty wild things in my life,” he said, “but nothing as wild as this.”

Jim Cummings, the episode’s narrator, pointed out that the tiger shark is a “mega predator” and is “notorious for attacking swimmers and surfers.” Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton lost her left arm to a tiger shark in 2003.

Checking in at 6’6” and 265 pounds, Gronkowski proved himself useful during the tagging process by fighting to hold the shark’s powerful tail out of the water.

“This is all the training I need for this season,” he quipped.

Gronkowski named the shark he helped tag “Mrs. Tiger Gronk” and said he thinks sharks are “so misunderstood, it’s ridiculous” (a sentiment he also shared in a recent Instagram post). He said, in that way, they’re “kind of like [him].”

The episode also featured Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.