Meteorologist Bri Eggers is leaving 7 News, heading ‘Idahome’

“I will not be returning to 7 News after maternity leave,” she announced in a Facebook video.

Bri Eggers. Courtesy of Bri Eggers

Bri Eggers is leaving Boston, and  Idaho is in the forecast for the 7 News (WHDH-TV) meteorologist. Eggers announced in a Facebook video Friday that she and her family are moving “Idahome,” as she calls it.

“This is difficult, as you can tell, to say goodbye,” an emotional Eggers said in the video. “I will not be returning to 7 News after maternity leave.”  

Eggers is the daughter of a third-generation peppermint farmer in Idaho. She gave birth last month to a baby girl, Charli JoAnn.

“I really want our Charli to grow up with her grandma and grandpa close … and to learn to drive a tractor and learn how to irrigate, and she’ll get those opportunities there,” Eggers said in the video. “But she’ll never forget that she was born in Boston because we will remind her every day.”


Eggers has been on 7 News’s weather team since 2014.

“The last four years in Boston with the crazy weather patterns has made me the meteorologist that I am today, and I’ll never forget the opportunity I had here,” she said.

Eggers said that doesn’t “have a lot of those answers of what happens for jobs after this.” She said she’s currently focusing on her new home and her family.