Mindy Kaling on why ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ left her ‘Crazy Ugly Crying’

"I was bawling."

Mindy Kaling. –Willy Sanjuan / Invision / AP

Count Cambridge native and actress Mindy Kaling among the many people wild about “Crazy Rich Asians.”

The romantic comedy just finished its third straight week at the top of the box office, earning more than $28 million during the long weekend and pushing its domestic gross to more than $117 million.

On Monday, Kaling took to Twitter to detail why she loved the film, which features her “Ocean’s 8” co-star Awkwafina.

Kaling tweeted that she was a fan of star Constance Wu (“Fresh Off the Boat”) and how Wu’s character wasn’t pigeonholed into one of the traditional occupations of a romantic comedy lead.


“Constance was revelatory,” Kaling tweeted. “Such a superstar, so warm and vulnerable. And AN ECON PROFESSOR romantic comedy lead! Bye cupcake bakery art dealer blahdee blah girl.”

Kaling also praised the decision to set the film in Singapore (“So great to see a non-European setting for love to unfold.”), and how the fashion choices of each character seemed to represent his or her personality (“Feast for the eyes for this costume nerd!”).

Kaling saved her final thoughts for how the film portrayed the bond between Wu’s character and her single mother (played by Kheng Hua Tan). Kaling became a single mom late last year when she gave birth to her daughter, Katherine.

“No one told me that Crazy Rich Asians would also carry a powerful statement about single moms and their bonds with their daughters,” Kaling wrote. “I was bawling. Crazy Ugly Crying From Me.”