Casey Affleck says Ben Affleck is getting sober for Jennifer Garner and their kids

The "Manchester by the Sea" star also discussed his family's long history with alcoholism, as well as his own sobriety.

epa04826368 (FILE) A file picture dated 24 February 2013 of US actor and director Ben Affleck (R) and wife, actress Jennifer Garner (L) arriving for the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, USA. Affleck and Garner on 30 June 2015 announced plans to file for divorce after ten years of marriage, according to media reports.   *** Local Caption *** 50726486  EPA/MIKE NELSON *** Local Caption *** 50726486
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in 2013. –Mike Nelson/EPA

Actor Casey Affleck spoke about his older brother Ben Affleck’s motivation to get sober and their family’s history of alcoholism during a press interview for his upcoming film “The Old Man and the Gun.”

“Alcoholism has a huge impact on not just the person, but also their family,” Casey told “ET” correspondent Keltie Knight. “So, I think for his kids’ sake and for their mom [Jennifer Garner], and for himself, he’s trying to do the work and get it together.”

Casey, who said last week that Ben was “doing great” in rehab, said that he and his brother “come from a long line of alcoholics.” He also revealed that he himself has been sober for six years.


“Ben is an addict and an alcoholic,” Casey said. “Most of my grandparents were alcoholics. My father is an alcoholic, as bad as you can be, and he’s been sober for about 30 years. I’ve been sober for about six years. Ben is trying to put it together, and it can be a very hard thing to do. He has the kind of resources and time, luckily, to take the time and to go to a good facility.”

Casey also said that the paparazzi probably make Ben’s recovery more difficult.

“It can’t be easier to have everybody looking at you and taking your picture as you’re walking out of an intervention,” Casey said. “I don’t envy that. I saw my father struggle with it for many years, and nobody was following him around with cameras and stuff. It’s not a great look. But on the other hand, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s good that he’s taking care of it.”

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