Seth Meyers gives love to Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, and New Hampshire on Twitter

The Bedford native wrote his first Twitter thread on Saturday.

Seth Meyers.

Bedford, N.H. native Seth Meyers showed some love for his home state and its comedians this past weekend. The “Late Night” host posted a Twitter thread about comics Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman and what their careers have meant to him. 

Meyers tweeted about watching Sandler perform stand-up on “Late Night with David Letterman” when he was in high school, saying, “I would have loved it no matter what but I loved it even more bc Adam is from Manchester, NH, one town over from where I lived in Bedford. Then he became a star on SNL, my favorite show. This was a big deal.”

Meyers described hearing Bedford referenced in a 1992 “Saturday Night Live” sketch featuring Sandler: “At the time hearing my hometown on SNL was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.”

…That is until Sarah Silverman joined “SNL,” because “she was from Bedford proper!” Meyers tweeted, saying he got goosebumps watching her first feature on Weekend Update.


Before he joined the cast of “SNL,” Meyers and his brother ran into Silverman in the parking lot of a comedy club.

“We introduced ourselves and she warmly exclaimed, ‘My parents told me there were some Bedford boys in town!’” Meyers tweeted.

The three New Hampshirites went on to play Wiffle ball in the parking lot.

Meyers congratulated Silverman on her brand-new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, saying how happy he was for her.

Meyers also recalled a meeting he had at Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison Productions.

“I had no expectation of meeting Adam but on the way out the door I heard his familiar voice bellow, “Get that NH kid in here!’” Meyers tweeted. “I sat in his office and he asked me about my upbringing and gave me sage and kind words about SNL that I never forgot.”

Meyers ended the thread with a note about why he wrote it in the first place.

“The purpose of this thread (my first by the way) is to let anyone who is a fan of Adam or Sarah know that they are good people,” Meyers tweeted. “And not just to me. All I have ever heard about them since the first time I heard their names is that they were good people.


“Also, it’s fun to use this website to say nice things about people!”

Read the full Twitter thread here.