Amanda Palmer discusses ‘long-distance’ marriage to Neil Gaiman on eighth wedding anniversary

"Wherever you are now, whether we are flying solo, in tandem, or merged... I’ve got your back."

Author Neil Gaiman, left, and Amanda Palmer posed in a ball pit at the Warner Brothers TV party on March 9.
Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. –Tim Mosenfelder

Amanda Palmer has a message for anyone in a long-distance relationship: “Keep the faith.”

The singer-songwriter and Lexington native shared a photo of her wedding to author Neil Gaiman on Wednesday, the couple’s eighth wedding anniversary, while also acknowledging the difficulties of a long-distance relationship even after so much time together.

Palmer wrote on social media that she and Gaiman wed in the Berkeley, Calif. living room of authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, and that there was no photographer, invitations, decorations, cake, or band at the celebration (though there were pies, an accordion, and a piano). According to Palmer, Wednesday marked the first time that she and Gaiman hadn’t spent their anniversary together.


“this is our first anniversary apart from one another,” Palmer wrote on Twitter. “we miss each other. we didn’t know what we were doing then, and we don’t know what we are doing now. back then, we were trying to fit a real relationship into the cracks of what was most important to us…our work.

“the day after, we flew separate directions & didn’t see each other for ages,” Palmer continued. “in many ways, little has changed. we run on a certain kind of faith that, eventually, we will alight on the same branch. eight years later, with a child, we are still in a long-distance relationship.”

Palmer concluded her thoughts by wishing Gaiman a happy anniversary and offering words of encouragement to those in long-distance relationships.

“to @neilhimself: wherever you are now, whether we are flying solo, in tandem, or merged…i’ve got your back. happy anniversary, my love,” Palmer wrote. “and to all y’all trying to keep steady on the winds of long-distance relationships…keep the faith. anything’s possible with enough love.”

Gaiman responded to Palmer on Twitter, writing, “I love you @amandapalmer. Happy first-not-together anniversary. I hope it’s our last not-together one.”