After dig, Worcester offers invite to Conan O’Brien

"We’re crushing it here in Worcester, and we want you to come see it for yourself."

–Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB Scanpix, File

Worcester wants to “woo” Conan O’Brien.

After the comedian took a swipe at the city during a recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” officials have extended an invite to the Brookline native to come see just how well Worcester is doing these days.

“Business is booming, people are moving in, and we just landed a Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox,” says Che Anderson, the city’s “deputy director of fun,” in a video posted to Facebook Wednesday. “We’re crushing it here in Worcester, and we want you to come see it for yourself.”


In a segment with Colbert that aired Sunday, O’Brien discussed the results of a DNA test he took that showed he is exactly 100 percent Irish.

He explained how his ancestors immigrated to Boston in the 1800s around the time of the Civil War, before they ultimately settled in Worcester.

As one audience member erupted with a “woo” at the mention of the city, O’Brien was quick to call it out.

“Don’t woo Worcester. No one woos Worcester,” he said. “It’s unwooable.”

Anderson disagrees.

“Hey Coco, caught you on Stephen Colbert the other night. Most of it was good. There were a few things I just wanted to check in on,” he says in the short video, which boasts “#WOOConan.” “One: People definitely ‘woo’ Worcester. We’re woo-able. We’re super woo-able.”

The city’s video highlights a handful of headlines about Worcester’s transformation in recent years, which includes a heated real estate market and bustling restaurant scene, aside from plans unveiled last year to bring the Pawtucket Red Sox into town by 2021.

The clip also shows a montage of “woos” collected from movies, television shows, and music videos before Anderson offers O’Brien an invite to check it all out.


His pitch: The city will fly O’Brien into Worcester Regional Airport to take it all in with his own eyes.

“Why don’t you come see what we’ve got going on?” he says.


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