Waltham magician Shin Lim wins ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’

“All I have to say is follow your dreams, really."

A dazzling card trick performed with the help of a popular TV actress capped off Waltham magician Shin Lim’s triumph as winner of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.’’

Lim, who won the show’s 2018 season, was named the winner during Monday’s finale over 14-year-old ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, who won the show’s 2017 season. The “Champions’’ series featured past winners of the show competing against one another and the final champion was determined by a fan vote.

Host Terry Crews belted out Lim’s name as blasts of confetti and the Queen song “We Are the Champions’’ rang out over an excited audience. Lim fell to his knees before embracing Darci Lynne and receiving a star-studded trophy.


“All I have to say is follow your dreams, really,’’ Lim said as he exhaled and grinned at the audience.

Lim, whose parents are from Singapore, was born in Canada and grew up in Acton.

His final trick was an elaborate card ploy he ran with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’’ actress Melissa Fumero.

He showed Fumero a blank card and used a cellphone, apparently hers, that she brought on stage to take a photo of the actress holding up the card.

Lim set the card off to the side and asked Fumero to pick a card.

“Queen,’’ she said, making a face. “Of diamonds.’’

He pulled the queen of diamonds from the deck, showed it to her, then put the card back into the deck and passed it to Fumero to shuffle.

Through a series of minor reveals, including one where he pulled a lipstick-stained queen of diamonds from his mouth, Lim dazzled Fumero and the audience, finally returning to the cellphone, where the photo of what was originally a blank card was revealed to be a photo of Fumero holding the queen of diamonds.

Finally, Lim returned to that same blank card, which sat on the table for the entire trick.


He flipped it to reveal none other than the queen of diamonds.