Even Tom Brady is impressed with Mark Wahlberg’s latest shirtless photo

"We are looking for some skill players."

If Tom Brady wants to play until he’s 45, why can’t Mark Wahlberg join an NFL roster at age 48?

The Dorchester native posted the latest in a series of shirtless snapshots on Instagram over the weekend, and the Patriots quarterback took notice, joking that Wahlberg might stand a shot at making the team’s roster.

“We are looking for some skill players,” Brady wrote.

“Let coach know I’m coming for that spot,” Wahlberg replied.

Ever the savvy businessman, Wahlberg credited his muscular build to a 45-day workout challenge by F45 Training, an Australian fitness company in which Wahlberg owns a minority stake.


Brady wasn’t the only famous name to compliment Marky Mark on his enviable physique.

“Show em what fellas in their 40’s are all about!,” wrote “Extra” host Mario Lopez. “You look awesome bro!!”

“Need to bring you in next camp,” wrote MMA fighter and UFC star Cody Garbrandt. “Killing it.”