Maria Menounos gets friendly with the Public Garden’s squirrels on Instagram

"Squirrels were always my friends in the park."


We all have our ways of coping when feeling down. For Maria Menounos, it’s talking to animals.

The television personality and Medford native posted a video to Instagram from Boston’s Public Garden on Wednesday, and reminisced about her time spent in the park — specifically with its creatures — as a teen.

“When I was a teenager I would come to the Boston public gardens feeling sad and lonely and it was sitting and talking(sometimes crying..ok ..a lot !) to the animals that used to give me hope and comfort,” she wrote in the caption. “It was so heartwarming to return today after all my success and reunite with them. I told them it all worked out guys! Hold on to your dreams, hang in…and always be nice people and make good choices as I say at the conclusion of every “better together” podcast-and always be nice to animals!”


Menounos courts a squirrel in the video, who quickly jumps onto her leg after approaching.

“Hi, are you going to be a friend? Are you going to be a little friendly?” she asked the animal. “I love you.”