When author Roxane Gay visited a Boston restaurant, she found an unexpected surprise — her own personalized toilet

"I did use my special stall."

When acclaimed author Roxane Gay (“Bad Feminist,” “Difficult Women”) visited Boston last weekend for a book event, she decided to stop at a new restaurant she’d read good things about online. What she found was a chef that was a diehard fan of her work, and a bathroom stall that was designed — literally — just for her.

Gay tweeted about the experience of visiting chef Tiffani Faison’s new Italian-American spot Orfano on Sunday, posting a photo of her posing next to one of the restaurant’s stalls labeled “Roxane Gay Only.”

“I made a restaurant reservation at Orfano in Boston based on an @eater recommendation,” Gay wrote. “Turns out, the chef, @tiffanifaison is a fan AND THIS IS THE BATHROOM SIGN. GUYS.”


Gay added that she was a fan of her food (“especially the Parmesan mousse, this tomato thing with Duke’s mayonnaise and the Cacio e Pepe ravioli”), of Faison from her time competing on the first season of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” and of her exceptional powder room accommodations (“I did use my special stall.”)

Faison, for her part, was over the moon after Gay visited, tweeting that the entire staff was “still on cloud nine” the next day.

“The most grateful fan,” Faison wrote. “We adored every second – So thrilled to have you both. Can’t wait to have you back.”