How Gisele Bündchen survives the New England cold with Tom Brady’s help

The supermodel has a special "blanket."

As a native of balmy Brazil — where the average monthly temperature rarely falls below 70 degrees Fahrenheit — Gisele Bündchen may find adjusting to New England winters rather difficult. Luckily, she has a secret weapon.

The supermodel posted a photo to her Instagram over the weekend, showing everyone her winter “blanket”: Tom Brady.

“My friends always ask me as a brazilian how do I survive the New England cold,” Bündchen captioned the photo, which shows Brady wrapping her up in his jacket. “I have a really cozy @tombrady blanket.”

The Patriots quarterback kept the lovefest going, replying “And you have my ❤️ too” in the comments.


Given this week’s forecast, Bündchen may need that Brady blanket sooner rather than later.