Boston accents and Bucs jerseys: 5 things we learned from Chris Evans’ ‘Today’ interview

No grudges against Tom Brady for the "Captain America" actor.

For someone who describes himself as an introvert who’s spent the last several months quarantined with his dog, Sudbury native Chris Evans is certainly keeping busy. In the last week alone, the “Avengers” actor has launched a political information website called “A Starting Point,” announced his involvement in the most expensive Netflix movie ever, and sent a shout-out to a brave young Captain America fan from Wyoming who saved his sister from a dog attack.

And on Sunday, he had an extended sit-down with Willie Geist on NBC’s “Today” show to talk about, well, a variety of topics: among them his new Apple TV+ series “Defending Jacob,” his dog Dodger, and his showering habits (or lack of such). No doubt to the chagrin of some fans, he didn’t commit to a return to his most famous character, despite having admitted he already misses his trademark red, white and blue shield. But he did have plenty to say about some other things.


Here are five things we learned:

Chris Evans wont be buying a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady jersey

While Evans holds no grudges against the departing Patriots QB — “I could never ever ever harbor any ill will; he gave 20 years of the best football memories I’ll ever have,” he gushed — he said he won’t be running out to buy a No. 12 Buccaneers jersey either. Still, “If the Pats don’t make it, the Bucs are the next team I’m rooting for,” he admitted.

We came this close to hearing Evans do a Boston accent in his new show, ‘Defending Jacob’

Since Evans’ new Apple TV+ show takes place just outside of Boston, his character — an assistant D.A. whose teenage son is accused of murder — could have certainly gotten away with dropping a few Rs. “I’m waiting to use it,” Evans told Geist. “It just felt a little unnecessary, it felt like a weird flex, and I think it might have been distracting. So I’m saving it for the next gig.”

Most legislators and politicians thought Evans was kidding about his new political information website, ‘A Starting Point’

Evans describes the project as “a friendly and intuitive access point for information,” but apparently when he pitched it to the Washington D.C. power-brokers, they thought he was putting them on. “They assumed it was a joke at first — that it wasn’t real,” Evans said. Clearly they must not follow him on Twitter, where he’s been known to level broadsides at the current administration with some frequency.

He’s been known to sing along to a band that’s probably not at the top of your ’80s playlist

Evans (and, presumably, Dodger) have been known to “rock out” in their empty apartment during quarantine, most recently to “Kyrie” by Mister Mister — “a highly underrated ’80s tune,” Evans said, which is one way of putting it.

His memoir will be called ‘Chris Evans: Between Action and Cut’

Actually he was just kidding about that, we think.


Watch the full interview below.

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