Stephen Colbert says he did not, in fact, go to Obama’s birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard

And he doesn't own a house on the island either, he added.

No, Stephen Colbert did not go to former President Barack Obama’s swanky birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard last weekend.

And the late night television host doesn’t own property on the island either, he says.

Colbert returned to “The Late Show” after a two-week vacation on Monday night and took a few minutes to dispel media reports that suggested he was among the hordes of celebrities that descended on the island last weekend and attended Obama’s party.

The television host explained he and his wife, Evelyn, were initially invited. But with the circulating Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus, Obama ultimately scaled down his guest list, and the couple didn’t make the cut, according to Colbert.


The New York Times says a lot of people missed out. For instance, they claimed that late night talk show hosts David Letterman and Conan O’Brien were cut from the guest list. But you know who they say was not cut? Comedian Stephen Colbert,” Colbert said.

“I mean, it makes sense. I am known for filling in when Letterman drops out of something,” he quipped about his “Late Show” predecessor. “And I know what you’re thinking: ‘So Steve, what was the party like?’ I don’t know. I didn’t (expletive) go… In the massive scaling back, I got massively stiffed.”

Still, Colbert made his way into reports of celebrities arriving on Martha Vineyard this past weekend, seemingly in time for Obama’s festivities, including in The New York Times, The Daily Mail, and Boston.com.

And Colbert didn’t miss an opportunity to take a jab at one local newspaper.

“The news that I didn’t go might be news to some people in the news,” Colbert said. “The Boston Herald reported the guests included ‘late-night host Stephen Colbert and his wife, Evelyn, who also own property there,’ which of course leads to the question: ‘So Steve, what’s your house like on Martha’s Vineyard?’


“I have no idea,” Colbert continued. “Boston Herald, could you please send me the address and the keys and maybe the alarm code because I’d love to stay there someday?”

He added: “I don’t own a house on Martha’s Vineyard.”

Still, the Daily Mail snagged a photo of Colbert at the island’s airport last week, which Colbert acknowledged was likely the reason why the news media thought he was still invited to the party.

(The Herald article attributed reporting to the British tabloid. Boston.com’s story relied on reporting from the Times, although the report said only Colbert was seen on the island. A request for comment in response to Colbert’s remarks to the Herald was not immediately returned on Tuesday.)

Colbert explained what actually happened was that he and his wife had booked travel arrangements and a hotel before they were uninvited. They eventually decided to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard anyway after learning their deposits were non-refundable, he said.

“We didn’t go to the party, and we still had fun,” Colbert said. “It’s a beautiful island — lovely people — and it just goes to show you, kids, that if you work hard, put in your time, and get to be the number one show on late night television, you too can get disinvited from a cool kid’s party.”


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