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Review & setlist: Lil Yachty’s effortlessly cool Field Trip Tour drives Boston to the next rap frontier

Lil Yachty performed at the House of Blues on Saturday.

Lil Yachty performing at the Wireless Music Festival, in Finsbury Park, London, Saturday, July 8, 2023. Lil Yachty performed at the House of Blues in Fenway on Saturday night. Scott Garfitt/Invision/AP

Lil Yachty performed at the House of Blues on Saturday for the ninth stop of The Field Trip Tour. From the excited but respectful mosh pit, a crew of up-and-coming rappers for the opening act, and constantly paying homage to his band, Yachty’s concert made one thing clear; it’s not just about him, “it’s us.”

The Field Trip Tour kicked off in Washington D.C. on Sept. 21 and finally made its way to Boston on Saturday. The tour celebrates Yachty’s latest and most experimental album to date, “Let’s Start Here,” which leans more toward the psychedelic rock genre than hip hop, unlike the rapper’s previous eight albums. 


The sold-out performance proved that Lil Yachty’s name has two components: irony and accuracy. There was nothing “little” about Yachty’s star power, but he certainly floated though the show with an intensely smooth ease. 

The rapper got his start in 2016, only a year after graduating high school. Now 26, Yachty hoped his latest album felt just deep enough without getting complicated, the rapper told Zane Lowe during an interview in February. 

Yachty’s House of Blues performance began with the Concrete Family, featuring Camo, Draft Day, Moe, and Karrahbooo. The union of rappers, all relatively new to the scene and a few touring for the first time in their careers, joined the stage one by one. Though they performed their own individual songs, the crew hyped one another up, warming the crowd for the main act. 

The newcomers were followed up by Nick Hakim, who told the crowd he produced several songs from “Let’s Start Here.” Hakim’s alternative rock band fell in an awkward spot between the Concrete Family and Yachty. With an audience of fans who were more interested in hearing Chief Keef’s “Don’t Like” than Nirvana’s “Teen Spirit” while head bumping to the opening playlist, it was clear Hakim had his work cut out for him in keeping their attention. 


The audience gave Hakim little to no energy, reserving it for the main act.

Yachty’s all-woman band preceded him on stage. The first thing he did when he came out was introduce them. 

Known for his creative use of autotune, Yachty credited the band’s vocalists Lea Grace Swinson and Romana R. Saintil for being better singers than himself.  Yachty was also joined by drummer Monica Carter, bassist Téja Veal, guitarist Quenequia Graves, and pianist Kennedy Avery Smith. 

Yachty led with five songs off “Let’s Start Here”: “drive ME crazy!,” “the ride-,” “pRETTy,” “The Alchemist./sHouLd i B?,” and “sAy sOMETHINg.” 

Flashing strobe lights shook you as the performers shook themselves, feeling every beat of the music, every stroke of the guitar, as their heads and bodies bopped along. 

An “In the Air Tonight” cover by Yachty’s vocalists transitioned the set into his older work.

Leading with “SOLO STEPPING CRETE BOY”, one of three singles the artist released in early August, Yachty performed 15 songs from his other albums. From hits like “Broccoli,” “iSpy,” and “Coffin” to niche fan favorites. 


“Who’s been here since 2016,” Yachty asked the crowd before performing “Minnesota” off his freshman album “Lil Boat.” 

“I was 9,” a teenage fan said to his friend in response. His head still banged at full motion when the beat dropped. 

Pure excitement drove the young audience. There was an anticipation among audience members as they waited to see if their favorite song would be next. For an artist with as many songs as Yachty, the chances weren’t great, yet the crowd went wild every time. 

Yachty’s latest song “The Secret Recipe,” a surprise collaboration with J. Cole released on Friday, didn’t make an appearance on the set list. 

Yachty kept his interactions with the audience brief. There was little talking, but with a setlist of 26 songs, the music spoke for itself. 

Yachty closed with four last songs from “Let’s Start Here”: “IVE OFFICIALLY LOST ViSION!!!!,” “THE zone~,” “WE SAT THE SUN!,” and “the BLACK seminole.” 

While performing, he laid on the ground for a bit, as if dying, or perhaps resting. He rose again but took a knee for guitarist Graves during her solo. 

The music was fun, Yachty was cool, and the concert was as chill as a venue full of 17-year-old boys could be. Just as the “Let’s Start Here.” title suggests, The Field Trip Tour marks a new beginning in Yachty’s career. 

Full setlist

  1. drive ME crazy!
  2. the ride-
  3. pRETTy
  4. The Alchemist./sHouLd i B?
  5. sAy sOMETHINg
  6. In the Air Tonight
  8. Slide
  9. Split/Whole Time
  10. Get Dripped
  11. Yacht Club
  13. Flex Up
  14. Coffin
  15. From the D to the A
  16. Minnesota
  17. Broccoli
  18. iSpy
  19. TESLA
  20. Poland
  21. Strike (Holster)
  22. One Night
  24. THE zone~
  26. the BLACK seminole.


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