Outtakes: Robin Coleburn’s Gardens


Since Robin Coleburn bought the orchard in 1992, she has transformed its landscape to include energetic, inspired gardens.

The beautiful photographs Jim Westphalen shot of Robin Coleburn’s eclectic gardens far outnumbered the pages we could give it. Westphalen, who visited the Charlotte, Vermont, landscape over the years, accumulated more than 100 print-worthy shots for us to choose from (a very tough job, indeed). Now, post-production, we sat down to share some that didn’t make the pages of DNE. (And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the story in our July/August issue.)


Robin Coleburn surrounded her art studio (above) with a series of gardens, divided by hedges, that inspire her paintings. Both entries to the studio (below) have playfully-painted doors and stone paths framed with plantings.


Brick paths (above) weave throughout the varied segments of the gardens. Robin Coleburn and her dogs (below) relax on a bench tucked along a path. A fish fountain with stone surround is one of several water features Coleburn included in her gardens.



Coleburn adds structure to her varied gardens with hedges, gates, and fences (above). The orchard (below), now retired, is still mowed, and the apple trees blossom beautifully in the spring and bear fruit in the fall.

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