Bigwig of Set Design: The Big Lebowski

Lebowski Lautner.jpg

There is nothing quiet like watching a movie on the big screen, so when I heard Coolidge Corner Theatre was doing a one-night showing of one of my favorites — The Big Lebowski — I was there. After a costume contest (yes, one guy came as Jesus, and it was spot on), a little bowling and trivia, and a glass of wine, it was time to delve into a classic. And while I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count, once the credits rolled I was still mesmerized. I just kept thinking: Now that’s a set. (And that The Dude’s famous words ring true: The rug really did tie the room together.)


But this cult classic doesn’t just boast a design-centric catch phrase and an oriental rug — design juggernauts are tucked everywhere, from the Le Corbusier armchairs (in Maud’s loft) and a Tulip Chair (at The Dude’s) to a John Lautner house (Jackie Treehorn’s pad, above). All in all, it makes for one inspired backdrop.

Lebowski Alley.jpg

My personal favorite set: the bowling alley. Tell me yours!
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