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What we uncovered at Brimfield


When it comes to Brimfield — I can’t help but daydream. I drive past the exit every time I go home to New York to visit my parents, always excited about the prospect of pulling off and wandering the fields. So after patiently waiting all summer for my work schedule to allow, I made my way to the antique juggernaut on a gorgeously sunny Friday.


Spotted this full set of Christolfe flatware (above) in May’s Antique Mart — with a good polish, these are stunners. Steps into J&J Auction Acres, the perfectly worn and uber-charming stand with copper pots caught my eye.



Would love to see these Edinburgh ginger beer bottles (also in J&J, above) used as bud vases. Tucked in the way back of J&J, I found these amazing vintage typewriters (below).



Could not stop thinking of fun uses for these oversize fork & spoon (above). From big to small, these miniatures (below) are not only for dollhouses.



Just loved this display (above) with the antique bench. And finally, at the very last tent, I came across this old Molson bar mirror (yes, I bought it… for $8). Big hit.


I also picked up a few Ball jars (3 for $12) and blush pearl necklaces and a black & white bakelite bracelet (all for $25). Another very successful, fun year at Brimfield under my belt!

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