Fall in New England: Crisp air, cool nights, and color galore

ND09 2.jpg

It hit me this past weekend… fall has arrived! The crisp evening air, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, the deep browns, reds, and purples — there is so much natural beauty and calm all around at this time. So while I can’t play hooky to hike and enjoy “leaf peeping,” I found myself flipping through our issues to stare at some gorgeous photographs from stories past, like this stunning Autumn landscape (above & below, from Nov/Dec 2009) photographed by Eric Roth.

ND09 1.jpg
SO08 Garden.jpg

This garden (above & below, from Sept/Oct 2008) photographed by Dave Henderson takes full advantage of Cape Cod’s extended season.

SO08 Garden2.jpg

SO09 1.jpg

This Vermont cottage (above & below, from Sept/Oct 2009) photographed by Eric Roth is a perfectly cozy spot to take in the fall color palette.

SO09 2.jpg
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