Mystery at Studio North

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If the Chicken Chapel (Il Tempietto di Pollo, May/June 2012) had you fascinated with the creativity fueling Moskow Linn Architects of Boston and its weeklong student summer workshop, Studio North, take a look at what this year’s team designed and built. But what is it? Architect Keith Moskow, principal at Moskow Linn, challenged us to take a guess. Our editor, Gail Ravgiala, saw a portable crèche waiting for Mary and Joseph. Associate editor Courtney Kasianowicz and art director Jenna Talbott thought it had a more impish quality and suggested that draped with colorful fabric it could be a pleasure barge hippies would have loved at Woodstock — think hundreds of white doves released at just the right theatrical moment. We invite you to take a guess in our comments section. We’ll choose our favorite next week and award its author a free one-year subscription to Design New England! And if anyone gets the right answer (which we will also reveal next week) we’ll give them a subscription, too. (Friends and family of Studio North not eligible! Be fair.)

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