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Clever hearts


Heart Parts designed by Fatima Fazal in New York City function as a fork, knife, and spoon.

This Valentine’s Day, we’d love to share the Heart Part, a simple yet cleverly designed heart-shaped plastic device that snaps apart to become stylish portable cutlery. It’s part fork (when apart, fork tines are revealed), part knife (the heart’s bottom has a serrated edge), and part “scoop” (the heart’s rounded sides). Designed by Fatima Fazal in New York City, these hearts use 66 percent less plastic than standard cutlery and are 100 percent biodegradable. Fazal says her intention is to instill the romance of enjoying food and the comfort of family dining to those inevitable quick meals or take-out dinners.

On the Heart Part’s website, Fazal writes: “So, before you ‘open’ your Heart Part, I hope you think about something you love. Maybe it’s the perfect pairing of steak and jazz. Maybe it’s your dad’s spaghetti Bolognese. Everything just tastes sweeter when you think about what you love before you eat, because now you are eating with gratitude.”

Great idea. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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