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Naming Wrights


With the digital-virtual-ephemeral nature of so many of our experiences today, I find that I appreciate stonework more and more. I particularly like to see house names set in stone, and there are many of them to be glimpsed in around Newport, Rhode Island. Sure, brass plaques or wooden signs fastened to brick piers or wooden gates are nice, but not nearly as timeless as a stone gatepost with chiseled lettering (hand carved on older houses, machine made on newer ones).

Choose a name and commit to it enough to have it chiseled out front, I say. Of these examples, found in Newport and Middletown, Rhode Island, “Bendinroad” is a particular favorite, as much for the fact that it is new as for it being so apt: The house occupies a corner lot in a spot that locals always refer to as the bend in the road when giving directions. Now that’s solid.


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