An Awarding Start to Summer


Our November/December 2013 issue represented Design New England in NAREE’s 2014 Best Design, Home, or Shelter Magazine category. Photo by Eric Roth.

By Gail Ravgiala

Design New England is celebrating the solstice with a slew of awards. The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) last week bestowed its 2014 Gold Award for Best Design, Home, or Shelter Magazine for DNE‘s overall body of work. “This magazine stood out not only because of its beautiful photographs,” the judges wrote, “but its range of stories. From the feature on apple trees to a historical look at hikers’ huts in the White Mountains, readers were treated to a rich slice of New England.” That story on the hikers’ huts (“In From the Cold”) also earned our contributing editor Bruce Irving, author of the consistently entertaining and informative Icon column, an honorable mention in the Best Home and Design Feature category. “The reporter blended historical research about New England’s warming huts for hikers with a tour that modern readers could follow and appreciate,” said the judges. “The writing was simple and elegant.”


Another of our contributors, freelance writer Lisa Prevost, took the Silver Award in NAREE’s Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Awards, which recognize excellence in books covering real estate. Snob Zones: Fear, Prejudice and Real Estate (Beacon Press) also earned Prevost the Bruss First-Time Author Award. The book takes a “novel approach at explaining the impact of targeted zoning and how such policies are used to exclude,” the judges commented. One judge noted, “the writing is excellent and given the wealth of detail in the various accounts, the author has done extensive research.”


The cover of Snob Zones: Fear, Prejudice and Real Estate and writer and DNE contributor Lisa Prevost.
The kudos continue as the Garden Writers Association (GWA) announced that two of our contributing writers won Silver Awards of Achievement for their stories in DNE, Tom Christopher for “Hedge Fun” and Tovah Martin for “One Man’s Treasure.” Our contributing photographer Rob Cardillo also won a Silver Award for a portfolio of his work. All three are now in contention for Gold Awards at the GWA’s annual conference in August.


“Hedge Fun” was written by Tom Christopher, who won a GWA award. Photo by Lynn Karlin.


“One Man’s Treasure” was written by Tovah Martin, who won a GWA award for writing, and photographed by Rob Cardillo, who won a GWA award for his portfolio of work. Photo by Rob Cardillo.
Lastly, congratulations go to our printer, The Lane Press of Burlington, Vermont, which took a silver award in the 2014 Printer of the Year competition run by Sappi, a global supplier of fine paper, for the July/August 2013 issue of Design New England.


Photo by Trent Bell.
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