Tara Westover to deliver Northeastern commencement address

Tara Westover, author of best-selling memoir "Educated" will deliver Northeastern University's commencement address. –Paul Stuart/Penguin Random House via AP

Author Tara Westover will deliver Northeastern’s 2019 Commencement address on May 3, the university announced Sunday.

Westover is best known for 2018’s “Educated,’’ her bestselling memoir about overcoming her oppressive childhood — during which she went without formal education and medical care. She would later go on to earn a PhD in history from Trinity College, Cambridge.

“I’m delighted to be delivering the commencement for the 2019 graduating class — for the students, who have worked hard for their degrees, and for the university, and its commitment to revitalizing higher education,’’ Westover said in an interview with News@Northeastern.

Past Northeastern commencement speakers include John F. Kennedy, Maya Angelou, Bill Clinton, and Madeleine Albright, among others. Lillian Brown

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