Netflix Releasing 4K Streaming Option for‘Breaking Bad’ in June

This image released by AMC shows Bryan Cranston as Walter White, left, and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in a scene from "Breaking Bad." –Frank Ockenfels /AMC/Associated Press

If regular HD just isn’t cutting it for you, soon you’ll be able to binge-watch every episode of “Breaking Bad’’ in glorious 4K.

Netflix revealed on Thursday that it will be adding the new, ultra HD option to the award-winning AMC show starting in June.

The popular streaming service brokered a deal with Sony in January focusing on 4K content. Netflix’s hit original series “House of Cards’’ was the first to get the latest ultra HD streaming option when season 2 was released in April.

The company is set to release the upcoming season of “Orange is the New Black’’ in 4K as well, and plans to offer more content in the higher resolution format.

While it may take some time before every household has a 4K television, prices are already droppingdramatically.

Guess it’s time to get a new TV.


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