Review: Jenny McCarthy’s ‘Dirty Sexy Funny’ Lives Up to Title at Boston Show

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Jenny McCarthy brought her “Dirty Sexy Funny’’ tour to the Wilbur Theatre on Saturday, and the show did not fail to live up to its title.

Playing in front of a packed house, the night was structured in more of a variety show format as opposed to a traditional comedy setup, featuring short stand-up acts by four supremely funny female comedians, as well as hilarious video skits starring the future Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg.

Focusing on the topics of sex, male to female relations, and pretty much every type of dirty humor under the sun, it was a side-splitting good time.


Following a humorous video introduction, McCarthy kicked off the evening with a show and dance number to the tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,’’ which seemed to fire up the women in attendance. However, the performance was cut short when Donnie Wahlberg appeared out of the blue in one of the theatre’s balcony seats, as the New Kids on the Block member took issue with his fiancée’s song choice.

“I did put a ring on it,’’ Wahlberg exclaimed, saying she should change the intro song now that they are engaged. Agreeing with her soon-to-be hubby, McCarthy and Wahlberg switched things up by performing “You’re the One That I Want’’ from the movie “Grease,’’ and the pair did a fantastic job channeling their inner Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, even sharing a smooch on stage.

Outside of the fun opening number, McCarthy mainly served as the emcee for the evening, and she really got the Boston crowd going, rocking a Red Sox hat and asking whether she can be considered a Bostonian now that she’s marrying a Wahlberg (I wonder who she got that question from). However, other than the video vignettes and performer introductions, “The View’’ co-host was mostly absent from the stage.


Admitting that she has “like three knock-knock jokes,’’ McCarthy left the stand-up to the group of comedians she brought along, and each of them did not disappoint.

Los Angeles based comic Justine Marino was the first to take the stage, and she was clearly the least experienced performer of the group. Despite not having as many years in comedy under her belt as her peers, Marino set the tone for the night, earning a ton of laughs for her raunchy, single-girl humor. Her joke about making her future bridesmaids dress up as raptors from “Jurassic Park’’ was probably the best of her set.

Comedian Tammy Pescatelli was the second performer up, and she was by far the funniest woman of the show.

The former “Last Comic Standing’’ contestant exuded a toughness you’d expect of any strong Italian woman, and her jokes about her boring sex life with her husband and rambunctious family resonated with the mostly middle-aged, female crowd. Pescatelli’s observations and timing were spot on, but the way she handled some loud ladies in the audience was an even better indicator of her veteran status. There are few things better than seeing a long time comedian eviscerate an inebriated heckler.

The raunchiest set of the night came courtesy of Paula Bel. Her performance was filled with astute yet profanity-laden observations that covered everything from the problems of being single in your 40s to genitalia jokes. If you’re not a fan of dirty humor, Bel’s performance probably would have had you covering your ears, however, it was pretty funny nonetheless.


The last comedian to grace the stage was Lynne Koplitz, who kind of had the vibe you’d expect of a vodka-drinking, middle-aged aunt. Her set was a little all over the place, but the recent contestant on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing’’ brought the house down with her joke about the history of oral sex, which may have been the funniest bit of the night.

Wrapping the night up in classic Bostonian fashion, McCarthy, Wahlberg, and the gang joined each other on stage for a curtain call to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,’’ which, of course, had the Boston crowd on its feet.

While some of the video skits and performances were better than others, overall, McCarthy’s “Dirty Sexy Funny’’ show lived up to its billing and was thoroughly entertaining.

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