Erykah Badu Video Bombs Local News Reporter in New York

–Screen grab/Youtube

Reporter Mario Diaz was joined by an unexpected guest during a recent segment for New York’s PIX11 on Friday.

While doing a story in Manhattan on actor Shia LaBeouf’s latest meltdown, Diaz was video bombed by soul singer Erykah Badu.

The four-time Grammy Award-winning artist, who was in town for Spike Lee’s block party, took a page out of Pharrell’s fashion book by wearing a large white hat as she trolled the news anchor, even trying to steal a kiss from Diaz mid-segement.

You can check out a clip of the hilarious incident embedded above.

Badu, who initially denied her involvment, eventually acknowledged her odd appearance on Twitter, offering up an apology to Diaz, who responded in tongue-in-cheek fashion with a lyric from the kiss track, “Art of Noise.’’


Diaz also admitted that his family was too far away from the scene where the incident went down.

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