‘The Tonight Show,’ ‘Late Night’ Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams and Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show.’’
Robin Williams and Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show.’’ –TCM

NBC’s late night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers each paid tribute to Robin Williams during their shows on Tuesday night.

Fallon remembered Williams by offering a few touching words before performing a spot-on impression of the late comic, who he previously played on “Saturday Night Live’s’’ Celebrity Jeopardy.

The program also took a look back at Williams’ past appearances on “The Tonight Show’’ by showing a clip of the comedian goofing around with former host Johnny Carson.

You can check out Fallon’s tribute to Williams embedded below.

“Late Night’’ host Seth Meyers took a different approach to honoring Williams, offering a few somber words of rememberance while also bringing the topic of depression into the conversation.

You can watch Meyers’ tribute embedded below.


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